Why does my dog eat poop?

The dog may have an illness that makes him ravenous.  Not the case with my dog—according to my vet.  So what gives?  Females will eat poop to clean the nest, but that’s not the case with my dog who is definitely a male.  I’m at a lost.  So, I’m going to take this advise and see if it works.

  • Call him to you.
  • If he comes, give him a treat.
  • If he doesn’t, let him know in a stern voice that you don’t approve.  If he is off-leashing, leash him to show him that he has lost his privilege.


By the way the name for this yukky habit is Coprophagia.

10 Rules for Dogs

  1. Never give up. If your owner (master, mommy/daddy) doesn’t get that you want to go out the first time you bring the leash, try and try again.  And if he (or she) still ignores you, begin dancing around like a bee providing GPS directions for the hive.  This will show him that it’s “high time” for a trip to the outside washroom.  Remember you know the right “time”.  You’re a watch dog.
  2. If another dog goes near your dish, growl (practise this with the family cat). However, if a dog urinates on your owner’s leg, pretend you didn’t see a thing.
  3.  If you have had a disagreement with a dog bigger than you, hide behind your owner when you see that dog coming. If, like Bean, you actually nipped the dog because he stood over you and pretended to be in love, hide behind your bigger brother who will be hiding behind your owner.
  4. If you actually had a fight with another dog (about your size), and nothing got settled during that dispute, insist on trying to get at that other dog every time you see him walking with his owner. Being the responsible dog owner, your owner will move off the walking trail into the brambles and thickets and will have to spend an hour getting burrs out of your fur.  The other dog owner will have insisted on bringing you and your enemy as close together as possible.  This other dog owner will smile and say “Nice evening isn’t it?” as he passes on the trail with his dog growling (uttering insults) at you. This will make you even more committed to getting at that s.o.b. the next time.
  5. When it’s bath time, head for the hills.
  6. When it’s grooming time, hide behind the Mugho pine that grew huge due to neglect. Ignore your owner when he says, “You could be more cooperative; groomers cost money you know.”  Definitely turn the other cheek if he says, “Come here you little so and so.  Who do you think buys your food?” He really doesn’t mean to lay on the guilt.  He has just lost it because he trampled his wife’s prized tea rose.  (Don’t forget to act fearful yourself when he catches it from the wife.  It’s called moral support and shows how you really are man’s best friend.  Tuck your tail between your legs and start to skulk away.  That’ll make her wonder who did what.  (It’s kind of like providing your owner with an alibi.)
  7. When it’s time to go to the veterinarian, refuse to get in the car. At all other times, insist that you’re part of the family and should not be left behind.  If they don’t get this, bark and jump in the door as they are existing the house.  If they still don’t get it, howl the whole time they’re away.  Make sure the neighbours hear.
  8. When you finally get to the off-leash dog park, get in with the most disobedient dog there. Forget all your training.  When your owner says “Come”, pretend you heard the word “Run”.
  9. When you have gas, insist on sleeping on her side of the bedroom. That’ll teach her to disallow dogs on the bed.  Rules, rules, rules.  Who needs them?  Also, never let on that pop actually takes you up on the bed when she’s away on business trips.  (It would make her feel that any warm body will do.)
  10. Oh yeh, and when she is away on those business trips, always tilt your head in that cute way so pop insists she talks to you over the phone even if all her co-workers are listening.  Do the same when he calls to say he’s at a union meeting or having a beer with the guys from work.  (This will show her that you aren’t playing favourites.)


I could have called this post New Years Resolutions for Your Dog.  Here goes.

I can teach Sinatra just about anything but Mr. Beans is another matter.  So based on what Mr. Beans has learned so far,  here are the ten easiest tricks for your dog to learn.

  1. Sit –  This is one every dog seems to be able to learn.  Once when I was at my mother in law, I told her “Sit down and I will do the dishes”.  All my dogs automatically sat down.
  2. Down  –  my dog Captain would lie down whenever he had a chance.  He didn’t have to be told!
  3. Paw  – I’m almost hesistant to show that one because one of my dogs was so pesky with that command that I almost had to “unteach” him.
  4. Go around.  Just lead the dog with a treat around you.  In no time he will know this one.
  5. Go through.  Lead the dog through your legs once or twice and he’ll catch on soon enough.
  6. Beg.  This one is easy to teach because you can lead the dog by the nose to a “beg” position.
  7. Roll.  I never thought I could teach this one to Bean but I just gave him a little shove to push him over a couple of times and wham he caught on.
  8. Come – a very important one for the dog to learn.  First he has to sit and stay…but they sure love to come for the treat.
  9. Scoot (go through your legs backwards).  Beans knows this way better than Sinatra and I call him my best Scooter.  He really loves doing this trick.
  10. Bark.  Easiest trick in the book.

Have fun folks.


  1. You’re having trouble getting up in the morning. It takes a person about 12 weeks to turn repeated action into a habit. It takes a dog about four days, especially if there’s something in it for the dog. I took my dog for a walk two mornings in a row. Now he expects a walk every morning. I don’t always wake up to my clock, but the persistent thumping of my dog against my bed will inevitably get me up. (The only other animal I would recommend is a rooster.)
  1. You need reminding to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. The beeping noise the manufacture installed to warn you of a low battery will send your dog into painful hurling. You will have no peace until you change those batteries.
  1. You need a butler. The minute someone knocks at the door your dog will be there to greet your visitor.
  1. You want your favorite chair kept warm while you’re gone. There is nothing Fido likes better than to occupy your chair during your absence.
  1. You have a wood burning appliance and you need lots of kindling. Some dogs are absolute masters at finding every loose stick in any area, even in a field where a tree has not grown in twenty years.
  1. You need a water dowser. Any Labrador owner will tell you that if there’s water within half a mile, their dog will find it.
  1. You want to hone your baseball skills. Just accidentally drop your piece of chicken and see which one of you — you or your dog – catch it midair.
  1. You want one sided conversations. Dogs are the best listeners. Some may even tilt their head to ask questions.
  1. You need an excuse for not doing your homework. It stills a good one. My dog ate my blog.  Oops.
  1. Someone needs to watch the cat while you’re away. On the other hand, I had a dog and a cat who collaborated during my absence to get a frozen chicken out of the sink.

Georgian Bay Peninsula

We were in Owen Sound this June and thought we’d share some of the highlights of our trip.  The beautiful vistas are courtesy of the Niagara Escarpment, a prominent natural feature of the area.  The Escarpment is also the reason there are a number of waterfalls to see.

Sauble Falls is in the park adjacent to  Sauble Beach.  Sauble Beach is quite popular and the second longest freshwater beach in the world.    We didn’t get much of a look as it was so foggy you couldn’t see your paw in front of you, never mind get any kind of perspective for a photo.  But you can see tons of pictures on lines.

Sinatra didn’t like getting too close to these falls.  He seemed to find the noise unnerving.

Sauble Falls near the more famous Sauble Beach
Sauble Falls near the more famous Sauble Beach
Inglis Falls
Inglis Falls


This mom wasn’t swimming away.  She seemed to want to have her picture taken.

She was so proud of her little one.
She was so proud of her little one.


There were lots of people all over the rocks.  We can just imagine what it is like during the summer.  Mr. Bean slept after his long walk while Sinatra kept his eye on a squirrel who stole some cashews out of the snack bag.


seagull near bluffs

Rugged shoreline and bluffs in distance

Bluffs from Inglis Falls
Bluffs from Inglis Falls

Yes that’s a flag on the left.  Didn’t even notice it until we saw the photo.




Bluffs in distance
Bluffs in distance


These little orchids are not nearly as big as the pink ones.  You really have to keep your eyes open to see them.  But once you have spotted them, they are usually in large groups.  We saw these in the National Park.

Yellow Lady Slippers
Yellow Lady Slippers



Relaxing in the park after a long day of touring
Relaxing in the park after a long day of touring






So, you’ve decided that a breed dog is the way to go.  You’ve read all the information on the net and you’ve decided on the breed.  Now you’ve set up a date to meet the breeder who had 5 puppies for sale, but has informed you that she only has the one puppy left.  You’re desperate to get your hands on that last puppy.

Breeders are a special “pardon the pun” breed onto themselves.  You may want to get your new pet home…. or at least out to the car….but hold on…not so fast.

1.  You will likely meet your pet in the breeder’s home.   Puppies are like people.  They fare best if they come from good homes.  You should have checked out the breeder’s credentials so now you can check out the puppy’s home life.  Some of the other puppies may still be there so you may get to see how social your puppy is.  Also, the puppy’s mom will be there.  Is she healthy, jumping around her brood, fleet foot and cheerful?

2.  Ask to see both mom and dad.  The breeder expects it.  Oh,  and the breeder will likely be insulted if you don’t treat the mom like the Belle of the Ball.  “Mom” may be quite scruffy having just been through dog-birth, but you will get in the breeder’s good grace if you give “Mom” lots of compliments.  Like, “I hope Prince looks just like her when he grows up.  She’s so beautiful.” 

3.  Expect to be interrogated.  Don’t be insulted by the questions.  The breeder doesn’t think you’re an ex-con.  He (or she) is  looking for the best home for their puppy.

4.  Don’t worry about the person holding onto the puppy very tightly and glaring at you.  That’s the  Breeder’s daughter and Sparky (her name for Prince) was her favorite. (Oh she is going to cry when you leave but you’re tough —right?)

5.  Expect to sign some papers.  You will get some papers in return.  Don’t say, “But I don’t want to show the puppy, I just want a pet.”  Doesn’t matter.  The breeder is very proud of the puppy’s lineage.

6.  If a dog steals your purse—as one did when I got my puppies—you should find it amusing— you’re in for a lot more of that kind of behavior.  If you don’t find it funny, you may not be ready for puppy ownership.


Now it’s your turn:

1.  If the breeder doesn’t provide you with vaccination papers — think that odd, think that very odd.  Ask for them.  Leave if they don’t have them.  And when you do get them, keep them handy and bring them to your vet for all your visits.

2.  Ask the breeder what’s special about this breed.  What should you know about it?  Mentally check the information the breeder gives you against the information you’ve already checked out on your own.

3.  Now that you have the puppy in the car…(Yes, the daughter has stomped up to her bedroom crying)….and your wallet feels lighter.

4.  If you haven’t already stocked up on food and dog poop bags….better do so now.

5.  Enjoy your new puppy.


Oh, and expect the breeder to check back with you again and again….send pictures to provide reassurance.  In about a year …or two, the breeder will have learned to trust that you are doing right by Sparky.  I mean Prince, of course.



Are you and your dog well matched?

You can find a companion on line through a number of dating sites.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find the perfect dog through “Mutt Match”?

The Ontario SPCA is running an interesting campaign called Meet Your Match.



Since it’s a program of the ASPCA, I checked them out too!



♥ ♥ ♥


When I was a child we always had mixed breeds.  It might have looked like a German Shepherd, it might have barked like a German Shepherd and it might have acted like a German Shephard, but I knew the mother was just a plain old mutt named Lady and the father was long gone and would remain a mystery.  It didn’t matter to me.  That dog and I went everywhere together.  I even have a picture of “Bullet” sitting on my tricycle.

But it was the days of Lassie on television and I promised myself that when I grew up I would get myself a purebred collie.

Then I laid eyes on my first mini collie.  “It’s not a mini collie,” the owner told me sharply, “it’s a Shetland Sheepdog.”  Like I cared.  It looked like a Collie that had been shrunk in the laundry and I wanted one.

This is how I ventured into the land of dog breeding, but if I had a farm I would have every kind of dog there is.

So, tell me about your dog.  I really would love to hear why your dog is perfect (or not) for you.

I would also love to share the stories here so please let me know if you are okay with that.

  • Send a picture too that I can post it here.
  • Let me know if you are okay with me sharing your first name (or make one up)
  • Especially don’t forget to tell me what kind of breed you have (or what you know of the dog’s breed).
  • And his or her name.

I will definitely not share your location or share your email in any way.  But if you are worried, you can use a temporary email.  Just search “Disposable email address” in your browser for information on how to do this.

Since I can appreciate what it is like to have a box full of junk e-mail, I am protecting my email also.  But just click the website below and you’ll get there.


Streaming Video

Frank:  We have a bird feeder near the house which acts kind of like streaming video for Beans.  He can spend hours in front of the patio door watching tree sparrows and juncos come and go.  I think his brain is going to mush.  Too much screen time.


Beans:  You should take more interest in what is going on in our backyard.  Check out who came today.


Any nuts in that feeder?
Any nuts in that feeder?

The Chow Chow

I live in northern Ontario which is known to be bear country.  Yesterday, while walking my two shelties, I saw a big black creature coming around the bend.  I knew it wasn’t a bear because they are in hibernation this time of year.  This dog was huge — and absolutely beautiful.  In addition he was one of the most calm dogs I had ever come across. The owner said that the dog was very independent and had a mind of his own.   When I encounter temperament like that I wonder if it’s training or part of the breed’s characteristic.  So I researched the Chow Chow.

black chow


The Chow Chow’s origin seems to be unknown.  Even though the dogs are seldom seen in China today, the Mongolian tribes in China did keep this breed.  The breed then appeared in England in the 1800s.


  • strong-willed
  • aloof and indifferent like a cat
  • excellent watchdog
  • wary of strangers


  • 17-21″ at the shoulder
  • 45-85 pounds
  • color varies from black to mahogany
  • mixed breeds can be white or even blue merle


  • younger Chow Chows are more pliable so training should start early
  • older dogs may be difficult to train

More about the Chow Chow


Chow Chow pictures